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The goal of troubleshooting is to locate the cause for the potential problem. Failure situations are usually caused by dirt in optics or unclarity of the optical path. Also external conditions or the following replaceable modules may be the source of problems:

  • Polarization unit
  • Window blower module
  • Device control module
  • Transmitter module
  • Receiver module
  • Servo drive module
  • Internal heater module
  • AC/DC power supply
  • Laser monitoring module
  • Surge protection units
  • Relay unit for module control
  • AC power cable 5 m
  • Data cable 10 m
  • Maintenance cable 2 m
  • Receiver coaxial cable

If damage is suspected in a subassembly or a board, replace it with a spare part and send the defective part to Vaisala for repair / replacement.

Replacements must only be performed by qualified maintenance personnel, and they must be performed according to the instructions. As a principle, user repairs are restricted to the replacement of modules.