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WARNING Viewing the laser output with telescopic optical instruments (for example, telescopes or binoculars) may pose an eye hazard. Do not direct the beam into an area where such instruments are likely to be used.
WARNING Only qualified maintenance personnel may perform maintenance procedures. Make sure unauthorized persons cannot access the work area during service operations.

The status message and netCDF files include a warning when the window is contaminated. After the system has detected contamination, it starts the blower, which removes light contaminants and dries off raindrops.

If the blower cannot remove the contamination, the ceilometer issues a warning indicating that you must clean the window manually.

  1. Make sure that the measurement unit door is closed. Rinse the window with clean water to remove coarse grains.
    CAUTION Do not use pressure cleaners.
    CAUTION Avoid spraying water into the window blower.
    Measurement unit door
  2. Clean the window with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with a mild detergent.
    CAUTION Be careful not to scratch the window surface.