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Depolarization ratio (LDR) is the ratio of the perpendicular or cross-polarized (XPOL) components and parallel (PPOL) signal components.

The following figure presents the same time period as Figure 1, Figure 2 and Figure 3.

The linear depolarization ratio reveals the precipitation between 3 000 m and 4 000 m to consist of non‑symmetrical solid particles. The ratio falls near zero at the beginning of the cloud signal, signifying a liquid cloud. The ratio increases inside the liquid cloud due to the presence of multiple scatterers.

Figure 1. Depolarization ratio profile

The following figure shows another example case of attenuated backscatter (ABS) and LDR results over a set time period.

Figure 2. Example attenuated backscatter (ABS) and depolarization ratio (LDR) values