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The user commands are divided into the following groups:

  • Configuration commands include commands such as getset, level, set, and swupdate, as well as the configuration parameters.
  • Troubleshooting commands include elog, reset, status, and system.

To access the user commands, establish a maintenance terminal connection and provide the password. The command prompt opens.

Table 1. CL61 user commands
Command Description
configure sender Stores STFP server settings to ceilometer
elog Displays event log
get <parameter> Displays parameter value or parameter list values
getset <parameter> [<value>] Displays parameter value or parameter list values with SET command included
help Provides help on the commands and use
level [012]

Changes the user level (0, 1 or 2)

Levels are:

  • 0 = Read access (default)
  • 1 = Write access to basic parameters
  • 2 = Write access to advanced parameters
reset Resets the device
set <parameter> [<value>] Sets parameter value or parameter list values
status Displays the functional status on the device
swupdate Updates the software version
system Displays information on the device