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CA10 Quick Guide

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Required tools:

  • Mounting kit 245679 (included in CA10 delivery package)

  • Hand tools for mounting with screws:
    • Power drill with Ø 6 mm drill bit
    • Crosshead screwdriver

Scan the QR code to watch a video of the installation:

  1. Attach CA10 to its mounting location using the most suitable mounting option. Ensure the unit is securely fixed if you are mounting it higher than 2 m (approx. 6 ft) or in a location where it would pose a hazard if dropped.
    Figure 1. CA10 mounting methods
    Mounting with wall plugs and screws (use at least 2 screws)
    Mounting with cable ties
  2. Point the antenna up or down for best wireless performance.
  3. Connect CA10 to the network using an Ethernet cable. If CA10 starts up at this point, the Ethernet cable provides power using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and the separate DC power supply is not needed.
  4. To connect the DC power supply:
    1. Connect the plug to the power supply connector of CA10. Make sure the plug is oriented correctly and goes in all the way. Rotate the plug to lock it in, otherwise it will not stay reliably connected.
    2. The power supply comes with multiple adapters for wall sockets. Connect the adapter you need, and plug in the power supply to a wall socket.
    3. If necessary, secure the power supply so it does not fall or hang on its cable.
  5. Wait for the access point to start up.
  6. Make sure the power LED is green and the lower part of the display shows the text Connected to cloud.

    Red LED indicates that CA10 has a connectivity problem and has turned off its radio. No data loggers can be connected until CA10 establishes an Internet connection and the LED is green again.

  7. CA10 is now ready to connect CWL100 data loggers to Jade Smart Cloud. Data loggers that do not already have a connection will connect to this access point, up to the maximum capacity of 32 data loggers. It will take at least a few minutes for a data logger to be connected. If a data logger is in power save mode, the connection will take up to an hour.

    If you have trouble connecting CA10, see the troubleshooting instructions at