WID411, WID511, WID512, and WID513 Release - WID511 - WID512 - WID513

WID411, WID511, WID512, and WID513 Release Notes

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Release notes

Release contents

In WID511, the functionality of the WD50 2‑min ICAO mode on the ATC page has been corrected.

In WID512, the navigation mode has been updated to have better usability. The navigation mode is now similar to the one in WID511 and WID513.

In WID512, the timing of showing the info message has been improved to remove the occasional flickering.

For all models, this release contains an enhancement to the system watchdog to improve the device performance and durability.

Upgrade need

Vaisala recommends that you upgrade your display if you have the following software version:

  • WID411 software version 1.4 or later
  • WID511 software version 1.7 or later, especially if you are using the WD50 2‑min ICAO mode
  • WID512 software version 1.5 or later. Note that the configuration must also be updated.
  • WID513 software version 1.7 or later

For older software versions and configuration update, request separate instructions from Vaisala.

Upgrade instructions

Vaisala provides the new software as a file. Copy the file to a USB drive, plug it into your display and use the SW Update menu on the Advanced settings page to upload the new software.