Mounting ENC652 on frangible lattice mast - AWS810

AWS810 Installation Guide

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4‑mm and 5‑mm Allen keys
  1. Measure and mark the place where the upper framing channel is to be installed. Make sure that the mast structure allows attaching the framing channel there.

    To mount the enclosure at eye height, place the upper framing channel approximately 1.45 m (4 ft 9 in) from the ground.

  2. Attach the upper framing channel to the mast. Tightening torque 5 Nm.
  3. Attach the lower framing channel to the mounting frame.
  4. Lift the mounting frame assembly to the mast to hang from the upper framing channel.
    Make sure that the mounting slots on the mounting frame are facing up.
  5. Attach the lower framing channel to the mast.
  6. Tighten all screws. Tightening torque 5 Nm.
  7. Attach the cabling box to the mounting frame of the enclosure.
    Flat washer A6.4 DIN125 A4 (2 pcs)
    Hex screw M6×16 ISO7380 A4 (2 pcs)
  8. Lift the enclosure by holding it from the battery mounting clamp and the bottom of the enclosure.
  9. Hang the enclosure onto the frame by sliding the mounting studs on the back of the enclosure into the mounting slots of the frame.
    Washer with EPDM gasket 6.8/16×1.5/A2/EPDM (2 pcs)
    Hex screw M6×16 ISO7380 A4 (2 pcs)
  10. Attach the enclosure to the mounting frame. Tightening torque 5 Nm.
Figure 1. Enclosure installed on frangible lattice mast
1 Electronics not shown.