Placing ceilometer - AWS810

AWS810 Installation Guide

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Place the ceilometer in a wide open place where there are no tall trees, overhead lines, or antennas that could bend or move to the ceilometer measurement path. If the ceilometer is installed in the proximity of radars or other powerful radio transmitters, position the measurement unit door away from such sources.

Position the ceilometer so that it has a clear view of the sky. To keep excess sunlight out of the sensor, align the ceilometer with the optical window pointing away from the sun:

  • In the Northern Hemisphere, point the window to the North.
  • In the Southern Hemisphere, point the window to the South.

When placing the ceilometer, consider the routing of the communication cable and the AC (mains) supply.

Make sure that the ceilometer stands firmly on the terrain. The unit does not have to be mounted vertically straight because it is equipped with 2 tilt-angle sensors.