Adding wire-end ferrules - AWS810

AWS810 Installation Guide

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  • Cable strippers
  • Crimping tool
WARNING Make sure that you prepare or connect only de-energized wires.

Use the ferrules that are included in the delivery, or, if you use other ferrules, note the following:

  • Select ferrules that are suitable for the wires. For example, ferrules with cross‑section 0.5 mm2 go with wire size 0.5 mm2 and smaller.
  • Check the outer diameter of the ferrule plastic sleeve: D1 + 2×S1.
    • If the diameter is ≤ 3 mm, select ferrules with 8 mm contact length (L1).
    • If the diameter is > 3 mm, select ferrules with 10 mm contact length (L1).

Typically, ferrules with cross‑section ≥ 0.5 mm2 need to have the longer 10‑mm contact length.

The correct contact length is important so that the wire will stay firmly in the connector.
  1. Strip the wires that are going to be connected.

    Strip a piece that is 1 … 2 mm (0.04 … 0.08 in) longer than the ferrule L1.

    For details on the wiring, see:

    • Wiring diagrams
    • Pin reference cards (provided with document DMU801 Plug‑in Modules Installation Quick Guide (M212430EN)).
  2. Crimp the ferrules to the wires.
    Use a good crimping tool and press hard enough to make sure that the ferrule holds fast.


    Unused wires covered with a shrinkable tube or electrical tape

    Cut the wires to approximately 25 cm (10 in) in length

    Cable shield folded over cable jacket
  3. Cut unused wires to different lengths and tie them together with electrical tape.
    CAUTION If exposed wires come in contact with the shield, ground, or each other, they can interfere with signals from other sensors on the same line. Cut unused wires to different lengths and insulate them with electrical tape. Avoid cutting the wires too short.