Overview of enclosure installation - AWS810

AWS810 Installation Guide

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WARNING A long cable between units (sensors, transmitters, power supplies, and displays) can cause a lethal lightning-induced current surge. Always ground the enclosure to a suitable grounded location with a short, low-resistance cable.

The enclosure houses the system components. The wiring inside the enclosure is done at Vaisala.

You can install the enclosure on a mast or on a wall. If you install the enclosure on a wall, you can select whether to use the mounting frame or not.

Install the enclosure so that the bottom comes roughly 1 m (3 ft 3 in) from the ground which is eye height for best working access.

WARNING The enclosure unit is heavy and contains sensitive equipment. Exercise caution when mounting the enclosure to avoid personnel injury and damage to the enclosure.
WARNING For safety reasons, do not install the enclosure alone. Safe installation requires at least 2 people.
To prevent corrosion, oxidation, and seizing, use a non‑conductive, non‑water‑soluble, non‑silicone‑based grease, such as ceramic or Teflon paste, between different kinds of metal.