Overview of electrical installation - AWS810

AWS810 Installation Guide

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WARNING Only licensed experts may install electrical components. They must adhere to local and state legislation and regulations.
WARNING Ground the product and verify outdoor installation grounding periodically. Failure to provide proper grounding can result in injury or death from electrical shock and can severely damage the equipment.
WARNING Do not operate in an explosive atmosphere, for example, when flammable gases or fumes are present. Operation of electrical equipment in such an environment constitutes a safety hazard.
WARNING Make sure that you prepare or connect only de-energized wires.
WARNING A long cable between units (sensors, transmitters, power supplies, and displays) can cause a lethal lightning-induced current surge. Always ground the enclosure to a suitable grounded location with a short, low-resistance cable.
CAUTION Do not damage or change the wiring. Incorrect wiring can cause damage and prevent or limit operation.
WARNING The system is powered from several power sources to ensure uninterrupted service. To make the system non-energized, disconnect all power sources.