Unpacking - AWS810

AWS810 Installation Guide

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The weather station enclosure, mounting accessories, and the sensors are packed into cartons. The contents of the cartons may vary depending on the selected options.

  1. Check the contents against the packing list.

    For customized systems, check also the system documentation.

  2. Check the cartons and boxes for possible damage. Check that there are no loose parts or connectors before installing the mechanics of the equipment and cabling them. If there has been any damage, contact Vaisala without delay.
  3. Remove the parts and the packing material from the containers carefully. Save the containers and all the packing material for future transporting or shipping.
    Make sure that the battery is fully charged if the unit is stored in an extremely cold environment.
    CAUTION Handle the equipment gently. Do not drop, scratch, or bend any part of the equipment.
    Do not touch the surface of any sensors.