Finalizing and checking installation - AWS810

AWS810 Installation Guide

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  1. After the electrical installation, attach the cabling box cover to the cabling box.
  2. Make sure that you have removed all transportation dampers and ties from the sensors and the enclosure.
  3. The enclosure door is held open by a latch. To close the door, press upward on the end of the latch to release it.
  4. Configure the station.
    1. Connect DMU801 to your computer with a USB‑C cable.
    2. Connect to the Web UI and activate DMU801 with the device activation code delivered with the system.
    3. Change the factory default settings in DMU801 to correspond with the actual station conditions.
    4. Check the station operation in the Web UI.

    See AWS810 Configuration and Maintenance Guide (M212419EN).