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AWS810 Installation Guide

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You can use an external SD memory card to increase the memory space of DMU801. DMU801 supports SD cards up to 32 GB.

Table 1. SD card specificationsVaisala has tested and verified the use of SD card type SDHC 32 GB with DMU801. If you use some other card, consider the following specifications:
Property Value
Card type SDHC or SDXC
Speed class UHS‑I
Temperature range −40 … +85 °C (−40 … +185 °F) 1
Memory cell technology pSLC or SLC 2
Make sure that the SD memory card has file system FAT32. If not, format the card to FAT32 with your computer.

To use the SD memory card, insert it into DMU801.

  1. Locate DMU801 in the enclosure.
  2. Hold the memory card so that the colored text label points towards the body of DMU801 and the edge with a cut-off corner faces downwards.
    SD card slot
  3. Insert the card in the SD card slot and push it in.

When you insert a new memory card into DMU801, the software checks that the card is ready for use.

By default, DMU801 uses its internal memory to store the data. If you insert an external memory card, use DMU801 Configuration Tool to update the configuration to use the memory card as data storage.
1 Depends on the installation location and application. For some locations, a more limited range may be acceptable. For weather station purposes, wide temperature range cards are strongly recommended, especially if they are used as logging memory and left in the station for a long time.
2 Recommended for maximum reliability, especially if the SD card is used as logging memory.