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AWS810 Installation Guide

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The panel must face south in the Northern Hemisphere and north in the Southern Hemisphere.
Table 1. Recommended tilt angle for solar panelTo maximize the annual energy output, tilt the panel towards the sun at the recommended angle. The further you are from the Equator, the more vertical the panel must be.
Latitude of site Tilt angle
0 … 10° 20°
10 … 50° Add 10° to local latitude
> 50° 60°
Figure 1. Map of latitudes
In some installations, it can be effective to adjust the tilt seasonally. To improve the solar panel performance during summer at most latitudes, use an angle smaller than recommended. Conversely, a larger angle can improve the performance during winter.
  1. Slightly loosen the adjusting screws.
    CAUTION Be careful not to damage the power cable.
    Tilt angle for the solar panel
    Adjusting screw
    Mounting plate
  2. Tilt the panel at the recommended angle.

    See Table 1.

  3. Tighten the screws.
  4. Guide the solar panel cable along the mast, keeping it away from the grounding cable.
WARNING Do not connect the solar panel cable to the enclosure until the mechanical installation of the weather station is complete, the backup batteries are connected, and the weather station is ready for powering.