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AWS810 Installation Guide

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WARNING Photovoltaic modules generate direct current (DC) when exposed to sunlight or other sources of light. Although single modules produce low voltage and current, contact with module output wiring can cause shocks and burns.
WARNING To prevent electrical shock, make sure that the end of the positive wire (marked with a red label) is covered with a protective cap.
CAUTION Handle the solar panel with care. Impact on the front or rear surface can damage the module. Do not bend the panel.
When working with the solar panel, use properly insulated tools and wear rubber gloves.
The sun rays must be perpendicular to the solar panel (sunlight must hit the solar panel at a 90° angle).
CAUTION Do not concentrate light on the panel in an attempt to increase its power output.
To prevent corrosion, oxidation, and seizing, use a non‑conductive, non‑water‑soluble, non‑silicone‑based grease, such as ceramic or Teflon paste, between different kinds of metal.