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Every Sanitary OEM Refractometer has a built-in web server with an instrument homepage. The homepage offers facilities to configure, monitor, verify and diagnose the instrument.

Once there is a functional Ethernet connection between the instrument and the computer, access the instrument’s homepage by entering the instrument’s IP address into the address bar of the computer’s web browser.

The recommended browsers are Firefox 15.0 (or later) or Internet Explorer 8.0 (or later), but most functionality is accessible using any modern web browser.

Opening the instrument homepage:

  1. Establish a functioning Ethernet connection to the instrument. For more information, see Ethernet connection.
  2. Open your preferred web browser (for example Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Opera).
  3. The address (URL) to access the instrument’s homepage is the refractometer’s IP address, which for a factory default set Sanitary OEM Refractometer is Insert this address into the browser address bar, then ENTER, just as you would enter any other web address.
  4. Wait until the homepage is loaded, this may take a few seconds.

    The page looks approximately as shown in Main page; the exact appearance of the page depends on the browser and screen settings you are using.

  5. Access more extensive instrument information using the links in the link bar at the left side of the page.
The JavaScript support must be enabled in the browser, in order for the web pages to function as intended.