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PR-33-AC User Guide

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When a computer with automatic IP settings (DHCP enabled) is turned on in a network with only the refractometer, the computer automatically obtains the IP address 169.254.x.x. In this case the factory default address of the refractometer can be used for connecting without any further changes in settings. If this does not work, make sure that the WLAN (Wireless network connection) is not active on the computer that is connected to the refractometer. If the WLAN is active, the computer’s Ethernet connection may not function as expected. Obtaining the 169.254.x.x. address may take up to a minute.

If you still have difficulties connecting to the refractometer, check the computer’s IP address by opening the command window (command prompt) and by typing the command ipconfig (press ENTER to give the command). In Mac OS X and Linux the same command is called ifconfig. The information given includes the computer’s IP address. If the address does not start with 169.254, configure the IP address of the computer manually to, netmask

For further troubleshooting, see Troubleshooting connection.

The following figure shows an example IP configuration for a stand-alone laptop when connected to the refractometer. The laptop wireless (WLAN) is turned off.

Figure 1. Typical stand-alone IP configuration
The connection does not work if the computer and the refractometer have exactly the same IP address.

When the network settings of the instrument (and/or the computer) have been configured according to the instructions above, the next step is to test the connection as instructed in Testing Ethernet connection.