Configuring refractometer network - PR-33 - PR-33-AC

PR-33-AC User Guide

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If there is more than one Sanitary OEM Refractometer in a network, configure their IP addresses manually as the factory defaults do not work.

If the Sanitary OEM Refractometer is to be connected to a factory network, consult the network administrator for the correct settings.

If the network is a stand-alone network with only one Sanitary OEM Refractometer and one or more computers with no connection to any other network, then the IP addresses can be chosen rather freely. One possibility is to number the instruments so that they all have 192.168.33.x addresses so that every computer and instrument has a different number x between 1. 254. The subnet mask (or netmask) is in this case

Figure 1. A network of Sanitary OEM Refractometers
There are no settings for subnet mask, default gateway or name servers in the Sanitary OEM Refractometer, as these settings are not required.