Troubleshooting connection - PR-33 - PR-33-AC

PR-33-AC User Guide

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If the instrument cannot be reached through the network, check the following:

  • The instrument receives power; the ethernet switch link light is lit.
  • The network settings of the computer are compatible with those of the instrument; for more information, see IP settings for stand-alone computer.
  • If the instrument should be at IP address, but cannot be reached, check that there is only one Sanitary OEM Refractometer in the same network, as otherwise there is an address conflict.
  • Check that the software firewall of the computer does not block the connections.

A useful test to determine whether the problem is in network settings is to set up a small network. Perform the following steps:

  • Set up a network of only one Sanitary OEM Refractometer and one computer.
  • Check that the computer has suitable network settings and that its WLAN connection is turned off; for more information, see IP settings for stand-alone computer.
  • Use the ping utility of the computer to try and reach the refractometer.

The ping utility is available in Windows systems by using the Command Prompt (usually found in the Accessories; or open Run, type cmd in the empty line and press ENTER to open Command Prompt).

To use ping go to the command interface, type the name of the command and the IP address you want to check and press ENTER. If the Ethernet connection is physically working and the address given to ping is correct, the refractometer answers the ping and returns any data packets sent to it.

Figure 1. Pinging address