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Probes can communicate with error messages when they are connected to an Indigo transmitter or Insight software. The messages are categorized according to the severity of the status:

  • Critical errors are fatal to the operation of the device. It may not be able to respond to communication at all, and will not measure correctly.
  • Errors prevent normal operation of the device. Depending on the problem, errors may resolve themselves. For example, a completely wet humidity sensor may cause a humidity measurement error.
  • Warnings do not prevent normal operation but may indicate possible problems.
  • Status indicates a known state of the device.
Error message Description Recommended action
Critical errors
Firmware checksum mismatch [49] The installed firmware is corrupted. Contact Vaisala technical support.
Device settings corrupted [50] Parameter memory is corrupted.
Additional configuration settings corrupted [51]
Sensor coefficients corrupted [52]
Main configuration settings corrupted [53]
Factory default settings corrupted [54]
Non-volatile memory read write failure [57] Hardware fault.
Temperature measurement error [44] Readings from sensor(s) are missing or out of range.

Inspect probe head and sensors visually. If the probe is completely wet, allow it to dry out.

If the sensors are damaged or missing and the error message(s) stay active, contact Vaisala to have the probe repaired.

Humidity measurement error [45]
Humidity sensor failure [46]
Capacitance reference error [47] Hardware fault. Contact Vaisala technical support.
Sensor heater error [212]
General device failure [994] High number of measurement errors, capacitance reference errors, or sensor heater errors written in the error log.
Ambient temperature out of range [48] Probe body is too hot or cold. Relocate the probe body so that its ambient temperature is within the specified operating range.
Supply voltage out of range [55] Probe supply voltage is too high or low. Check and correct the supply voltage.
Autocalibration failed Measurement environment is not suitable for autocalibration.

Autocalibration can only be performed successfully in dry and stable conditions. This warning is expected if the probe head is in normal room humidity.

Occasional autocalibration failures are not a cause for concern as long as autocalibration is usually successful.

Calibration certificate checksum mismatch [58] Certificate stored in the probe has an invalid checksum. Contact Vaisala technical support
Calibration has expired [353] This warning is displayed by the calibration reminder functionality if the calibration interval has been exceeded.

Calibrate the probe and update the calibration date information.

Software restart [679] The probe has automatically restarted itself. Check that supply voltage is stable and operating environment is within specification.
Unexpected device restart [216]
Status messages
Calibration is about to expire [352] This message is displayed by the calibration reminder functionality. Calibrate the probe and update the calibration date information.
Purge in progress [287] Sensor purge of the humidity sensor is ongoing. Wait for sensor purge to complete.
The readings stay frozen until the sensor cools down [288] Probe is waiting for its sensors to cool down. Wait for measurement readings to become available.