Configuring environment settings with Indigo80 handheld indicator - DMP5 - DMP6 - DMP7 - DMP8 - DMPX

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For optimal measurement accuracy, you can use the Indigo80 handheld indicator to give additional information about the connected probe’s measurement environment.

The environment settings available via Indigo80 correspond to the environmental compensation settings of the probe. Therefore, Environment settings and Settings > Compensation setpoints are interconnected: the configuration set in either menu is applied to both.
  1. Connect the probe(s) to the indicator.
  2. Open the main menu by pressing .
  3. Select Devices. If you have more than one device connected to the indicator, make a further selection between the devices.
  4. Select Environment settings to access the settings for your probe.

    The available environment settings depend on the probe and probe firmware version.


    Value for pressure compensation. The current value is stored in non-volatile memory when the device is turned off, and restored at power-up.


    If any value is entered in this field, the device will use it as its temperature measurement value instead of its own sensor reading. This is needed when probe heating is used, as it will also heat the temperature sensor of the device.

    At device reset, the value is cleared.

    The temperature value needs an external source, for example, another probe that is able to provide the value constantly in real time, and the value needs to correspond to the temperature of the measurement environment as accurately as possible. Thus, set the temperature value only if you have another probe connected to the indicator from which you can read the value. Do not set the temperature value manually.
  5. Select a setting from the list, for example, Pressure.
    1. Select the unit, if prompted.
    2. Use the arrow buttons to set the desired value, and then select OK or Set.

      You can also select to read the value from another probe connected to the indicator, provided that the probe can output the required compensation parameter. Press to highlight the Read value from field, and then press to select the other probe as the source of the value.

      For Temperature, always set the temperature value to be read from another probe. Do not set the temperature value manually. Make sure that both probes are in the same environment to get the most accurate measurement values.
  6. Exit the menu by pressing or return to the main menu by pressing .