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Figure 1. DMP6 probe dimensions
Figure 2. Cooling Set DMP246CS dimensions

Vaisala DRYCAP® Dew Point Probe DMP6 is designed for humidity measurement in industrial applications with very high temperatures. High temperature tolerance is achieved using a passive cooling set that conducts heat away from the probe and reduces temperature to optimal range for the sensor.

  • Operating temperature of probe head 0 … +350 °C (+32 ... +662 °F)
  • Operating temperature of probe body −40 … +80 °C (−40 … +176 °F)

DMP6 is built for direct measurement in temperature range +100 … +350 °C (+212 … +662 °F). There is no need for a sampling system or trace heating. To tolerate these high temperatures, the probe head is inserted inside a cooling set that provides passive cooling. The cooling set has removable cooling fins that allow the operating temperature profile of the probe to be adjusted so that adequate cooling is provided for each application. The cooling system has no moving parts and requires no additional power or cooling utilities, so there is no risk of sensor damage due to mechanical cooling failure.

Figure 3. Operating range of DMP6 probe head
CAUTION The operating range specifications apply in stand-still air. High flow rates in the process may reduce the probe performance and cause damage to the equipment.

Make sure that the upper limit of the dew point measurement range is not exceeded in low temperatures as this will lead to condensation.

You can read diagnostic measurement data from the probe using Insight software (Diagnostics page) or Modbus protocol (diagnostic data registers) and use it to verify your installation:

  • Sensor temperature must never exceed +180 °C (+356 °F) even in exceptional process conditions.
  • Allow the probe to stabilize after installation in the cooling set, and check the Sensor saturation ratio. If the value is below 20 %, install the cooling fins on the cooling set (unless already installed).