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Table 1 lists the available HMT370EX measurement parameter options and their abbreviations and units for the standard probe options HMP371, HMP373, HMP374, HMP375, HMP377, and HMP378.

Table 1. Available measurement parameters for HMP371, HMP373, HMP374, HMP375, HMP377, and HMP378
Parameter Abbreviation Unit
Relative humidity RH %RH
Temperature T °C (°F)
Dew point temperature Td °C (°F)
Dew point / frost point temperature Td/f °C (°F)
Absolute humidity a g/m3 (gr/ft3)
Mixing ratio x g/kg (gr/lb)
Wet-bulb temperature Tw °C (°F)
Water concentration H2O ppmv
Water vapor pressure pw hPa (psi)
Water vapor saturation pressure pws hPa (psi)
Enthalpy h kJ/kg (Btu/lb)
Dew point temperature difference ΔT °C (°F)
Absolute humidity at NTP aNTP g/m3 (gr/ft3)
Water mass fraction H2Ow ppmw
Table 2 lists the measurement parameter options available for the oil and fuel probe variants HMP378F and HMP378H.
Table 2. Available measurement parameters for HMP378F and HMP378H
Parameter Abbreviation Unit
Available for both HMP378F and HMP378H
Temperature T °C (°F)
Relative saturation RS %RS
Water activity aw
Only available for HMP378F
Water concentration in oil 1 H2O (oil) ppmw
Only available for HMP378H
Water concentration in JET A-1 fuel H2O (fuel) ppmw
Saturation temperature Ts °C (°F)
1 The default calculation coefficients for water concentration in oil (ppmw) are valid for mineral transformer oil. For more information on default and oil-specific calculation coefficients, see HMP378F calculation model with average oil coefficients and HMP378F calculation model with oil-specific coefficients.