Maintenance overview - HMT370EX

HMT370EX User Guide

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Inspect the condition of the transmitter, probe body, and probe head periodically, at least once a year.

Inspect transmitters with display that are installed outdoors or exposed to direct UV light, more frequently. Stop using the device if you notice signs of deterioration (such as discoloration or color changes in the display border, or visible separation of backing ink from display glass). Transmitters with signs of deterioration need to be serviced or replaced.

The probe (includes probe body and head) can be detached and replaced by the user. The probe head filter (see Figure 1) is also user-replaceable. For other maintenance requirements, contact Vaisala.

CAUTION The probe can be detached and changed when HMT370EX is powered. Any other live maintenance, including changing the probe head filter, is not allowed.