Adjusting measurements with Insight - HMT370EX - SWINSIGHT10

HMT370EX User Guide

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You can carry out RH and T adjustments with Insight PC software in 2 ways:
  • Detach the probe body from the transmitter and connect the probe body to Insight.
  • Connect the probe body and transmitter to Insight together as one unit using the transmitter service port.

For instructions on connecting to Insight using either option, see Connecting to Insight PC software.

CAUTION Using the transmitter service port requires opening the transmitter enclosure. Do not open the transmitter enclosure without reviewing the information in Connecting to Insight PC software.
  1. Connect the probe body or transmitter to Insight (see Connecting to Insight PC software).
  2. Select > Calibrate > Yes.
  3. Select either RH adjustment or T adjustment
  4. Follow the instructions in the Insight interface.
  5. After completing the adjustment:
    1. If you configured the probe body separately, reattach the probe body to the transmitter.
    2. If you connected to the transmitter service port, remove the cable and see the instructions in Finalizing installation: closing transmitter and attaching grounding.