Testing analog output level with Insight - HMT370EX

HMT370EX User Guide

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  1. Detach the probe body and open the transmitter cover.
  2. Connect a multimeter to the mA testing points located above the output screw terminals on the transmitter component board (see Figure 1).
  3. Connect to Insight (see Connecting to Insight PC software).
  4. Select > Configure device, and then the analog output channel you want to test.
  5. Enter a test output value in the Test output level and select Save.
  6. The Output mode field will show that the Test mode is now active.
  7. Verify that the multimeter reading matches the Test output level value.
  8. If the output is incorrect and requires adjustment, see Analog output adjustment overview.
  9. After verifying the output, clear the value from the Test output level field and select Save. This switches the Test mode off.
    CAUTION The Test mode must always be switched off after verifying the output level to return to normal measurement mode.
  10. Remove the multimeter, close the transmitter cover, and reattach the probe body.