Testing analog output level with local display interface - HMT370EX

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If you want to verify the output level of an analog output channel, test the connection as follows:

  1. Detach the probe body and open the transmitter cover.
  2. Connect a multimeter to the mA testing points located above the output screw terminals on the transmitter component board (see Figure 1).
  3. To start the output test mode with the local display interface, open the Settings > Analog outputs > Test outputs menu.
  4. Select an output level to force the output to (4, 12, or 20 mA) and select Start. Verify the output with the multimeter and select Finish when done.
  5. If the output is incorrect and requires adjustment, see Analog output adjustment overview.
  6. Remove the multimeter, close the transmitter cover, and reattach the probe body.