Finalizing installation: closing transmitter and attaching grounding - HMT370EX

HMT370EX User Guide

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  1. Close the transmitter body cover and tighten the captive screws. Tighten the screws to approximately 3.5 Nm: ensure that there is no gap between the covers.
    Ensure that the cover has been tightened sufficiently so that there is no gap between the covers in the area highlighted in the illustration.
  2. Remove the plug, place it in its storage space, and attach the probe body to the transmitter.
    It is sufficient to tighten the probe body to finger tightness with the locking wheel. To prevent detaching the probe body without tools, you can tighten the locking wheel further with an Allen key (5 mm).
  3. Connect the grounding terminal on the bottom of the transmitter to the grounding element of the installation site with a 4 mm2 grounding wire.
  4. After grounding the transmitter, switch on the power supply input.