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If you have a problem with using HMT370EX, check the following tables before contacting Vaisala. If the problem you have is not listed in the tables, or if the proposed solution does not fix the problem, contact Vaisala technical support.

Problem: Analog output level appears incorrect
Possible cause: Solution:
Insufficient supply voltage

Ensure that the transmitter is powered correctly. 12 V DC is the minimum voltage in all conditions, measured at the transmitter screw terminals.

If the supply voltage is less than 12 V DC, the analog output current can be erroneous.

For information on testing and adjusting analog output level, see Analog output level test and Analog output adjustment overview

Problem: Transmitter does not power on when power supply is switched on
Possible cause: Solution:
Analog output channel 1 (CH1) not wired

Analog output channel 1 (CH1) must always be wired. The transmitter receives power through the Channel 1 screw terminals, and does not power on if only Channel 2 (CH2) is wired.

For wiring instructions, see Wiring.

Incorrect supply voltage

Ensure that the transmitter is powered correctly using a supply voltage range of 12 – 28 V DC.

12 V DC is the minimum voltage in all conditions, measured at the transmitter screw terminals.

Incorrect polarity Check that the screw terminal connections have been made correctly.

For wiring instructions, see Wiring.



Problem: Humidity measurement options are not available
Possible cause: Solution:
Temperature only probe in use (HMP371 or HMP373)

HMP371 and HMP373 probes can be ordered as temperature only versions that do not have humidity measurement available for use.

If you do not know if the HMP371 or HMP373 probe you are using is a T-only version, see instructions on checking the version from the configuration code on the product label: Temperature only probe option (HMP371 and HMP373).

Problem: PIN code prevents opening transmitter local display menus
Possible cause: Solution:
PIN code required Access to transmitter local display menus can be restricted by taking a PIN code into use. For instructions on unlocking the display menus with the PIN code, see Local display PIN code.
Problem: Transmitter local display interface has wrong language selected
Possible cause: Solution:
Local display configuration mistake
If the transmitter local display interface has been set to a wrong language, you can access the language selection menu with the following button presses:
  1. Press and hold Back to return to the home view.
  2. Press Select 3 times to open the Display menu.
  3. Press Down once to move to the language selection menu item.
  4. Press Select to open the language selections.
  5. Move to the correct language with the Up and Down buttons, and start using the language by pressing Select.
Problem: Cannot locate Insight PC software configuration options
Possible cause: Solution:
Wrong user mode

Certain functionalities are only available in Advanced Mode. Change between the Basic Mode and Advanced Mode in the Settings menu.

See Figure 1 for the location of the Settings menu.