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Figure 1 shows an example HMT370EX installation using the HMP373 probe with the probe head mounted with a bracket, and with both lead-throughs fitted with cable glands.
Figure 1. Example wall installation with HMP373 probe
CAUTION Before starting the installation, review the equipment and safety requirements in this installation overview and the hazardous area safety information relevant to your region: see Regional safety certification overview.
WARNING The installation must be carried out in a safe area, or you must ensure that an IEC 60079-14 compliant safe work procedure has been implemented in the hazardous area.
WARNING When HMT370EX is powered, the transmitter enclosure must not be opened in a hazardous area. The probe can be detached and changed when HMT370EX is powered. Any other live maintenance, including changing the probe head filter, is not allowed.
  • Screws for mounting the transmitter:
    • Installation directly through the transmitter body: 2 pcs Ø 5.5 mm screws
    • Installation with optional mounting plate: 4 pcs Ø 5.5 mm screws and 2 pcs M6 Allen screws
  • Crosshead screwdriver for transmitter cover captive screws and wiring screw terminals
  • Flathead screwdriver for the grounding terminal
  • Cable glands, conduits, and plugs as required in your application, and suitable tools for attaching and tightening them
  • Wire-cutting pliers
  • Crimping tool and wire ferrules
  • Allen key (5 mm) for probe body locking wheel
  • Ex-compliant multimeter for testing analog outputs