Configuring analog outputs with local display interface - HMT370EX

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Using the local display interface of the transmitter, you can configure the measurement parameter sent on each analog output, the scaling of the parameter, and the error output level. In addition to configuration, you can also carry out an output test where the output is forced to a fixed level so it can be verified with a multimeter. Both output channels have the same configuration options.

To view the status of the outputs, select Menu > Status > Output status.

Note that clipping and error limit configuration for the analog outputs can only be carried out with Insight PC software.
  1. Select Menu > Settings > Analog outputs.
  2. Select the measurement parameter that is sent on the output channel you are configuring, set the scaling for the output, and define the output level that indicates an error.
  3. Repeat the configuration for each output as required.
  4. If you want to test the output, see the instructions in Analog output level test.