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Figure 1. HMT370EX local display examples: measurement graph view and main menu screen

The display version of the HMT370EX transmitter has graphical LCD display with a 4-button interface. The local display can be used to view measurement information, configure settings, and calibrate and adjust measurements and outputs.

Using local display interface buttons

The display interface has 4 buttons for operating the display menus.
Figure 2. HMT370EX display interface buttons
Back: press to move back in the menu tree or cancel a selection.
Up: move up in the menu tree or increase a value.
Down: move down in the menu tree or decrease a value.
Select: press to open a menu or confirm a selection.
Press and hold Back to return directly to the main menu.
Press and hold the Up or Down button to increase or decrease a value faster.

Measurement information views

The home view of the display has several options for showing the measurement information of the connected probe. You can switch between the different views (for example, numerical parameters or graph view) using the Up and Down buttons. The parameter display settings can be configured in the Settings > Display menu.

Figure 3. 2 parameter view example
Figure 4. Graph view example
Figure 5. Parameter list view example

Configuration options

You can configure the following settings with the local display:
  • Analog output settings (parameters, scaling, fault indication, output test and adjustment)
  • Measurement settings (environmental compensation and filtering factor)
  • Display settings (displayed parameters, units, graph visualization options, general display settings such as timeout and PIN code)
In addition to configuration, you can also calibrate and adjust the measurement of the connected probe with different references (1-point or 2-point adjustment), view device and measurement status information, and reset the transmitter back to factory settings.