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Select a surface (for example, a wall) for installing the transmitter. You can mount the transmitter directly to the installation surface with 2 screws, or use an optional mounting plate that attaches to the back of the transmitter.

  1. Detach the probe body from the transmitter body, loosen the captive screws on the transmitter cover, cover the probe connector with the plug, and open the transmitter cover.
  2. Mount the transmitter body on the installation surface either directly through the transmitter body, or using the optional HMT360 retrofit mounting plate:
    1. Installation without mounting plate: attach the transmitter body directly to the installation surface with 2 x Ø 5.5 mm screws. The left-hand screw hole has extra vertical space for adjusting the position of the transmitter after you have attached the right-hand screw.
    2. Installation with mounting plate: attach the mounting plate to the installation surface with 4 x Ø 5.5 mm screws, and then attach the transmitter to the mounting plate with 2 M6 Allen screws.