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Figure 1. Analog output settings

In the Analog outputs menu, you can select the measurement parameters that are sent on analog output channels 1 and 2, select the output scaling and error indication level, and test the accuracy of the outputs.

Output 1
Select which measurement is sent on analog output channel 1 and how the measurement value is scaled on the 4 – 20 mA output range. You can also set the current level that is output to indicate an error state (either 3.6 mA or 21 mA).
Output 2
The same configuration options as for Output 1.
Test outputs
You can force the analog output to a fixed value (options: 4, 12, and 20 mA) and read the fixed output to verify that the transmitter outputs are working correctly.

For more information on analog output configuration using the local display or Vaisala Insight PC software, see Analog output configuration overview.