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Information on spare parts, accessories, and calibration products is available online at and

Table 1. Accessory availability
Accessory Part number Models
Probe accessories
M12 Indigo USB Adapter cable accessory for connecting HMT370EX probes to Insight USB2 All models
Ball valve ISO 1/2 with welding joint
  • Pressure range at +20 °C (+68 °F) 0 … 20 bar (0 … 290 psia) (during installation max. 10 bar (145 psia)
Duct installation kit 210697 HMP373, HMP377
Mounting flange 210696 HMP375
Cable gland M20 x 1.5 with split seal HMP247CG HMP373, HMP375, HMP377
Fitting body M22 x 1.5 17223SP HMP374
Fitting body NPT1/2 17225SP HMP374
Fitting body ISO1/2 solid structure DRW212076SP HMP378
Fitting body NPT1/2 solid structure 212810SP HMP378
Swagelok fitting for 12 mm probe, 1/2" NPT thread SWG12NPT12 HMP377
Swagelok fitting for 12 mm probe, 3/8" ISO thread SWG12ISO38 HMP377
Swagelok fitting for 12 mm probe, 1/2" ISO thread SWG12ISO12 HMP377
Thread adapter ISO 1/2" to NPT 1/2" 210662SP All models
Manual press HM36854SP HMP378/F/H
Washer set for pressure-tight installation (3 pcs) 4PROBESETSP HMP374
Metallized PPS plastic filter grid with stainless steel mesh, for general use (pore size 15 μm) DRW010281SP All models
Stainless steel sintered filter (AISI 316L), for general use (pore size 38 μm) HM47280SP All models
Metallized PPS plastic filter grid, for fast response in clean environments (6.5 mm gaps) DRW010276SP All models
Stainless steel filter for high oil flow applications 220752SP HMP378/F/H
Stainless steel filter (AISI 303) with PTFE membrane 214848SP All models
Stainless steel filter for oil and vacuum environments (AISI 303) HM47453SP All models
Cable lead-through accessories
Cable gland M20 x 1.5 for Ø 5 … 11 mm cable 265207SP All models
Cable gland M20 x 1.5 for Ø 10 … 14 mm cable 265208SP All models
Conduit fitting M16 265243SP All models
Conduit fitting NPT1/2" 265240SP All models
Dummy plug (Ex, 2 pcs) 254931SP All models
Transmitter accessories
HMT360 retrofit mounting plate DRW253246SP All models
Turbine mounting kit HMT300TMK All models
Outdoor installation kit (weather shield) 215109 All models
USB service cable for transmitter 219690 All models
Zener barrier for 1 channel (for 2 channels, order 2 pcs) 210664 All models
Galvanic isolator for 1 channel 212483 All models
Calibration adapter for HMK15 211302 HMP371, HMP373, HMP374, HMP377
Galvanic isolator for 1 channel 272886SP All models
Galvanic isolator for 2 channels 272887SP All models