Analog output adjustment overview - HMT370EX

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If the output level of the HMT370EX transmitter's analog channels appears to be incorrect, you can test and adjust the output level using either Insight PC software or the local display interface.

Note that testing and adjusting the analog output requires opening the transmitter enclosure and connecting a multimeter to the test points on the transmitter component board.


The transmitter body enclosure must not be opened in an explosion hazardous area, unless a safe work permit has been issued in accordance with the standard IEC 60079-14. Either remove the transmitter from the hazardous area before opening the enclosure, or ensure that an IEC 60079-14 compliant safe work procedure has been implemented in the hazardous area.

The output parameters of the multimeter must be compatible with the input parameters of the transmitter.

For instructions on connecting the multimeter to the test points and testing the analog output level, see Analog output level test.