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HMT370EX User Guide

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Table 1. Operating environment
Property Specification
Process pressure

HMP374 probe for high pressure: 0 … 10 MPa

HMP378 probe for pressurized pipelines: 0 … 4 MPa

Process temperature

See allowed ambient temperature ranges in Table 1.

NOTE: Use wiring that is rated 20 K above the ambient temperature (T ≥ Ta + 20 K).

Operating altitude Up to 3000 m (9842 ft)
Operating humidity 80 %RH to temperatures up to 31 °C, decreasing linearly to 50 %RH at 60 ºC; max. 80 %RH, non-condensing
Pollution degree

3 (macro)

2 (micro)

Overvoltage category I
Mode of operation Continuous
Table 2. Inputs and outputs
Property Specification
Transmitter service port connection Vaisala USB cable 219690
Probe service port connection Vaisala USB cable USB2
Transmitter analog output

2 screw terminal channels, two-wire 4 … 20 mA

NOTE: Connect outputs using safety barriers

Screw terminals: 0.33 … 2.0 mm2 wires (AWG 14-22)

Power supply input 12 … 28 V DC
Table 3. Mechanical specification
Property Specification
Housing weight

Transmitter body with display: 1055 g (2.32 lb)

Transmitter body without display: 1052 g (2.32 lb)

HMP371 fixed probe: 320 g (0.7 lb)

Housing material EN AW-6082
IP rating IP54