Installing HMP378 with ball valve kit BALLVALVE-1 - HMT370EX

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Figure 1. Inserting HMP378 into process with ball valve kit
Manual press tool: use to press the probe down when installing in higher pressure.
Fitting screw of the probe: attaches the probe to the top of the ball valve.
Push the probe deep enough to insert the probe filter completely inside the process.
The groove on the probe indicates the adjustment limit when pulling the probe up. Pull the probe up until the groove is visible before closing the ball valve.
Ball of the ball valve in closed position.

The ball valve installation kit (Vaisala item code: BALLVALVE-1) is preferred when connecting the probe to a pressurized process or pipeline. Use the ball valve set or a 1/2" ball valve assembly with a ball hole of ø14 mm or more. If you install the probe (ø12 mm) in a process pipe, please note that the nominal size of the pipe must be at least 1 inch (2.54 cm). Use the manual press handle to press the probe into the pressurized (< 10 bar) process or pipeline.

The probe can be installed in the process through the ball valve assembly provided that the process pressure is less than 10 bars. This way, the process does not have to be shut down when installing or removing the probe. However, if the process is shut down before removing the probe, the process pressure can be max. 20 bars.
When measuring temperature dependent quantities make sure that the temperature at the measurement point is equal to that of the process, otherwise the moisture reading may be incorrect.
After attaching the ball valve kit to process as instructed in Attaching ball valve kit to process, install the probe through the ball valve as follows:
  1. Shut down the process if the process pressure is more than 10 bars. If the pressure is lower there is no need to shut down the process.
  2. Close the ball valve.
  3. Seal the threads on the fitting body: see Figure 1.
  4. Attach the fitting body to the ball valve and tighten it.
  5. Slide the clasp nut of the probe toward the filter, as far as it goes.
  6. Insert the probe to the fitting body, and manually tighten the clasp nut to the fitting body.
  7. Open the ball valve.
  8. Push the probe through the ball valve assembly into the process. If the pressure is high, use the pressing handle that is provided with the probe. If you push the probe hard without using the handle, you may damage the cable.
    Note that the probe must be pushed so deep that the filter is completely inside the process flow.

    Mark the fitting screw and the clasp nut (see Attaching HMP378 to process with fitting body).

  9. Tighten the clasp nut with a fork wrench a further 50 … 60° (approximately 1/6 turn). If you have a suitable torque wrench, tighten the nut to max 45 ± 5 Nm (33 ± 4 ft-lbs).
    Take care not to tighten the clasp nut more than 60° to avoid difficulties when opening it.
  10. If you wish to remove the probe from the process, note that you have to pull the probe out far enough for the valve to have room to close. You cannot close the valve if the groove on the probe body is not visible (see Figure 1).