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The HMP378H probe option is a variant of the standard HMP378, designed for measurements in JET A-1 fuel (typical ppm accuracy: ±15 % of the reading). The mechanics of the probe are the same as in the standard HMP378 probe option (see HMP378 probe for pressurized pipelines).

HMP378H uses the HUMICAP® 180L2 sensor designed specifically for oil and fuel measurements. For HUMICAP 180L2 sensor specifications, see Table 2.

The following measurement parameters are available for HMP378H:

Table 1. HMP378H measurement parameters
Parameter Abbreviation Unit
Temperature T °C (°F)
Relative saturation RS %RS
Water activity aw -
Water concentration in JET A-1 fuel H2O (fuel) ppmw
Saturation temperature Ts °C (°F)