Restoring factory default settings - INDIGO500SERIES - INDIGO510 - INDIGO520

Indigo510, Indigo520 User Guide

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You can restore all device settings to the factory default settings. This will take some minutes.

CAUTION A factory reset deletes all current settings of the device. After the factory reset, you need to reconfigure the settings, including outputs and relays. When you connect to the web interface the next time, you will be prompted to give the activation code and create new users.
  • Allen key (4 mm), provided
  • A pointed object for pressing the button inside the transmitter.
  1. Power off the transmitter.
  2. Open the 2 hex screws on the cover of the transmitter using a 4-mm Allen key.
  3. Open the transmitter cover.
  4. Keep pressing the PRESS TO ACTIVATE WEB INTERFACE button while you power up the transmitter. Keep pressing the button until the LED next to the button lights up.

    The transmitter restarts.

If the transmitter asks you to calibrate the touchscreen display after the restart, touch the requested crosshair positions on the touchscreen carefully and as accurately as possible.
When the transmitter restarts after a factory reset, it will switch to using DHCP and may get a new IP address. If needed, reconfigure the network settings using the touchscreen. To continue using the web interface, reconnect using the transmitter's new IP address.