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The Indigo520 transmitter is available with a BARO-1 module. The BARO-1 barometer module uses a BAROCAP® silicone capacitive absolute pressure sensor developed by Vaisala for barometric pressure measurement applications. The sensor has excellent hysteresis and repeatability characteristics, low temperature dependence, and very good long-term stability.

The measurement principle of the digital barometer is based on an advanced RC oscillator and reference capacitors against which the capacitive pressure sensor is continuously measured. The microprocessor of the barometer performs compensation for pressure linearity and temperature dependence.

Like probe measurement parameters, the barometer measurement parameter can be configured to the home views, used as a analog output parameter, and as the measurement parameter that controls the relay. Software version 1.2.0 or later is required.

The barometer is equipped with a pressure port which is ideal for 3 ... 4 mm internal diameter tubing. If you want to connect tubing to the pressure port (2), remove the filter (3).

The pressure port supplied with the barometer is not a static pressure head and cannot be used in turbulent or high-speed wind conditions. Protect the pressure port from the rain. If water gets into the pressure port it may cause errors in the pressure measurement. The barometer is designed to measure the pressure of clean, non-condensing, non-conducting, and non-corrosive gases only. If you use Static Pressure Head SPH10/20 with Indigo520, make sure the SPH10/20 tube is pointing downwards from Indigo520. This way the condensed water does not accumulate inside the tube and cause measurement errors.

Figure 1. Indigo520 with optional BARO-1 barometer module, example configuration
BARO-1 barometer module
Pressure port