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If your transmitter is delivered with preconfigured analog outputs, you do not need to configure the outputs manually.
Analog outputs are not available in transmitters that are powered with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The transmitter has 4 analog current (mA) or voltage (V) outputs.

Before you start, make sure that the probes you want to use are connected to the transmitter.

Figure 1. Analog outputs configuration menu on touchscreen, General tab active
The General tab contains the settings that are common for all analog output channels.
The Output 1 … 4 tabs contain individual settings for each analog output channel.
A circle next to the channel name indicates that the channel is on.
The Test mode tab contains the settings for testing each analog output channel.
  1. Select the configuration menu symbol at the upper right corner of the touchscreen.
  2. Select Inputs and outputs > Analog outputs.
  3. In General > Output mode select the current or voltage range for the outputs.
  4. In the tabs Output 1 … 4, select the output channel you want to configure.
  5. Configure the analog output channel settings:
    1. In Parameter, select the probe and the measurement parameter that controls the output channel. The unit of the parameter is set automatically.
    2. In Scale low end and Scale high end, define the lower and upper ends of the measurement scale for the chosen output parameter.
    3. In Error output, define the output level indicating that the device is in error state.
    4. In Low clipping limit, define the point (in mA below the output range) when the output is clipped due to being out of range.
    5. In High clipping limit, define the point (in mA or V above the output range) when the output is clipped due to being out of range.
  6. If the output channel is off, in the General tab, set the output channel on.
  7. Repeat 3 … 6 for all the analog output channels you want to use.
To see the changes you made, select . Then use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the touchscreen to navigate to the I/O status view.