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Data logging feature has changed. Installing software version 1.13 or later to replace software version 1.12 or earlier removes all previously logged data.

Data logging is always on and collects data automatically into the non-volatile memory of the transmitter. All available measurements in the connected probes are logged. When the memory is full the data recording will not stop. Instead, the oldest data is overwritten. Collected data can be exported to CSV file format in the web interface. Extract the .zip file to access the .csv file.

All logs collect data simultaneously. The logs stored by the transmitter are shown in Table 1. Sample data is only stored in the 5 s log. The other logs store the minimum, maximum and averaged values.

Table 1. Logs and their types and lengths
Log Type Length
5 s Sampled data At least 14 d
10 min Min./max./avg. At least 90 d
1 h Min./max./avg. At least 1 year
6 h Min./max./avg. At least 2 years
24 h Min./max./avg. At least 10 years
Make sure that you have set the time in your transmitter correctly. If you set the time again, the log will show data from the same time period 2 times. Changing the time setting will not overwrite any previously logged data.
Exporting large amounts of logged data can result in huge data files and take a long time, up to several hours. Typical export time is 30 ... 90 min.

To ensure you do not lose any logged data, always export the data before updating transmitter software. A factory reset will delete all previously logged data.

Only 1 log can be exported at a time. To ensure you do not lose any exported files, download your data file before starting a new export. Exporting a new data file will delete the previously exported file.

Figure 1. Example of logged data
The header shows the log's start time, time zone and selected log.
The second header shows to which port the probe is connected, its vendor name, product code and serial number. This header is created every time a probe is disconnected or connected and after any power outages.
Logged data. A new block of logged data is created every time a probe is disconnected or connected, and after any power outages.
Number 1 before the measurement parameter shows that this probe is connected to probe port 1.
Number 2 before the measurement parameter shows that this probe is connected to probe port 2.