Wall mounting with spatter guard - INDIGO500SERIES - INDIGO510 - INDIGO520

Indigo510, Indigo520 User Guide

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  • Allen keys (4 mm and 5 mm), provided
  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • Drill with Ø 8 mm drill bit
  • Rubber washers (4 pcs), provided
  • Screws (4 pcs), provided
  • Screws 14 mm (2 pcs), provided
  • Wall plugs (2 pcs), provided
  • Washers (2 pcs), provided
Figure 1. Wall mounting with spatter guard
Figure 2. Spatter guard dimensions
  1. Open the spatter guard cover by lifting it up.
  2. Hold the spatter guard level against the installation surface and use a pen to mark the places of the mounting holes. The mounting holes are horizontally 210 mm (8.3 in) and vertically 139 mm (5.5 in) apart.
  3. Drill 55 mm (2.17 in) deep holes and insert wall plugs.
  4. Place rubber washers under the spatter guard and mount the spatter guard to a wall using 4 screws and a crosshead screwdriver.
  5. Open the 2 hex screws on the cover of the transmitter using a 4-mm Allen key.
  6. Open the transmitter cover.
  7. Attach the transmitter to the spatter guard using 2 × 14-mm screws and a 5-mm Allen key. Place nylon washers under the screws to protect the surface of the transmitter.