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The Indigo520 transmitter provides 1 analog input channel with current input.

Current input mode: 4 ... 20 mA.

Using analog input is possible from software version 1.14.0 onward. To get the analog input working, update your transmitter's software. No other changes to your transmitter are required.

Analog input can be used as a source in analog output, relay and Modbus TCP/IP settings.

You can use Indigo520 to power your 2-wire current loop analog input device. If it is not possible to power through Indigo520, or if you need 2 measurement probes, you can power the analog input device with an external power supply.

Use the touchscreen or web interface to set the analog input and the analog input powering on.

Only 1 measurement probe can be connected to the transmitter when you power the analog input device through Indigo520 probe 2 connection terminal. The measurement probe has to be connected to probe 1 connection terminal.
Analog input is not available in Indigo510 transmitters or transmitters that are powered with Power over Ethernet (PoE).