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Status registers in this appendix can be used only for transmitters with optional barometer module using unit ID 240.

Table 1. Status registers (read-only)
Register number Register address Register description Data format Value
513 0201hex Barometer status 16-bit unsigned integer

0000hex OK

0020hex Value locked

0080hex Sensor failure

Table 2. Error flags (read-only)
Register number Address Register description Data format Value
514 0202hex Barometer error flags 16-bit unsigned integer

0000hex OK

0004hex Pressure out of range

0008hex Pressure measurement error

0010hex Manufactory error

0020hex Module type not defined

0100hex F meas

0400hex Temperature meas

0800hex Info 2nd bank checksum

1000hex Info 1st bank checksum

2000hex Checksum error of current settings

4000hex User setting bank checksum

8000hex Factory bank setting checksum

Multiple device statuses can be present simultaneously. In those cases, the value of the device status register is the sum of the applicable numbers, for example 0014hex if pressure is out of range (0004hex) and a manufactory error (0010hex) are present simultaneously.