Creating web interface users - INDIGO500SERIES - INDIGO510 - INDIGO520

Indigo510, Indigo520 User Guide

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Allen key (4 mm, provided) for opening the transmitter cover

When you connect to the web interface for the first time, or when you start using the transmitter after a factory reset, you are prompted to create users for the web interface.

Figure 1. User creation page

The web interface has 2 user levels:

  • Administrator: Configuration rights. Can configure outputs and change transmitter settings.
  • Guest: View-only access. Can add and remove measurement parameters in the Measurements view.
  1. In the User creation page, select Continue.
  2. Type the activation code, and select Activate. Then select Next.

    The activation code is printed on a label inside the transmitter enclosure. Use a 4-mm Allen key to open the transmitter cover. A label with the activation code is also provided in the accessory bag.

    If you use the web interface with Firefox, make sure your device's time settings are correct. Incorrect device time settings will prevent the use of the activation code.
  3. Create a username and password for the Administrator user, and select Next.
  4. Create a username and password for the Guest user (optional), and select Finish.

    The web interface restarts. After the restart, you can log in using the credentials you just created.