Pole mounting - INDIGO520 - INDIGO500SERIES - INDIGO510

Indigo510, Indigo520 User Guide

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  • Allen keys (4 mm and 5 mm), provided
  • Screws 14 mm (2 pcs), provided
  • Washers (2 pcs), provided
  • Installation kit for pole or pipeline (item code 215108):
    • Fixing brackets (2 pcs) for 100 mm poles
    • Mounting nuts for fixing brackets, M8 (4 pcs)
    • Mounting plate (1 pcs)
Using fixing brackets and a mounting plate, you can install the transmitter to a vertical or horizontal pole.
Figure 1. Attaching mounting plate to fixing brackets - vertical pole mounting
Mounting nuts for fixing brackets, M8 (4 pcs)
Note the position of the arrow when mounting. This side must be face up when mounting.
Figure 2. Attaching transmitter to mounting plate - vertical pole mounting
  1. Place the fixing brackets around the pole and attach the mounting plate to the brackets using 4 mounting nuts.
    Make sure that the arrow in the mounting plate points upwards.
  2. Open the 2 hex screws on the cover of the transmitter using a 4-mm Allen key.
  3. Open the transmitter cover.
  4. Attach the transmitter to the mounting plate using 2 × 14-mm screws and a 5-mm Allen key. Place nylon washers under the screws to protect the surface of the transmitter.