Setting date and time in web interface - INDIGO520 - INDIGO500SERIES - INDIGO510

Indigo510, Indigo520 User Guide

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You need Administrator user rights for this task.
Figure 1. Date and time settings in web interface
The transmitter uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) internally. Time and time stamps in the web interface are shown according to the time zone set in Transmitter > Date and time.
  1. Log in to the web interface as an administrator user.
  2. Select Transmitter > Date and time.
  3. To set date and time automatically:
    1. In Set date and time, select Automatically.
    2. Select Time zone.
    3. In NTP server addresses, configure the Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers that the transmitter will attempt to synchronize with.
      NTP synchronization requires that the transmitter has a network connection and the IP address of the NTP server is reachable.
  4. To set date and time manually:
    1. In Set date and time, select Manually.
    2. Select Time zone, Date, and Time.
  5. Select Apply.